"Dr. Kim has been my teacher and mentor for the past 6 years. As a teacher, Dr. Kim has coached me on numerous pieces, teaching me different techniques to perfect difficult passages. In addition to technical training, she has also challenged me to interpret the music and express emotions through the techniques she has taught me.

As a mentor, Dr. Kim has guided me throughout the competitive world of music. She has encouraged and helped me apply to competitions and festivals, providing me variety of musical experience I could have, and pushed me to achieve my personal best. Dr. Kim is truly dedicated in her teaching. I am blessed to have Dr. Kim as my violin teacher and mentor!"

~Rachel Guen in West Roxbury, MA~


"Dr. Kim is a amazing mentor and teacher. I would recommend her for an advanced (someone who's serious about violin) level. My daughter is 13yrs old (started violin when she was 4yrs old), and she had to find a teacher who could be able to handle advanced level. We were very lucky to found Dr. Kim. We are driving 1hr to have lesson with her every Saturday. And I would say it's worth it."

~Yvonne Chung in Torrence CA~

"Dr. Kim has been teaching my 11 year old daughter for 6 months, and my daughter has gotten a big improvement in playing violin. She is patient and professional, and my daughter likes her and respect her, and willing to listen to her advices. I strongly recommend Dr.Kim to everyone who wants to learn Violin."

~Quidman Ho in Irvine, CA~

“I feel blessed having Dr. Kim as my daughter’s violin teacher since her sixth grade. We met her in Boston when my daughter started studying violin with her, and we have had Skype lessons after Dr. Kim left Boston, since 2011.

Dr. Kim’s lessons are holistic. My daughter enjoys violin in playing the instrument, in the musical accomplishments, and in bringing it as a blessing to anyone who hears. I am amazed by Dr. Kim’s wisdom and perseverance in guiding her in and through music. I am truly thankful that we met her!”

~Yim Wong in West Roxbury, MA~


" Our 6 year old daughter has been taking Suzuki violin lessons with Dr. Kim for one and a half years. Dr. Kim is an experienced and encouraging instructor. She is very patient and brings out the best talent in my daughter, at the same time also keeps it fun. We are very pleased with the quality of the
instruction. We highly recommend Dr. Kim to anyone who is interested in
learning violins."

~Jian Gu and Jing Wei in Mason, OH~

"Dr. Kim has greatly influenced my practicing. She has taught me how to evaluate and plan my practice most efficiently. The skills I have been taught by Dr. Kim not only help me to be a better violinist, but they help me be a better student as well."

~Joseph Murphy in Hamilton, OH~

"Our son has been studying the violin with Dr. Kim for over three years. He has advanced steadily both musically and technically. Dr. Kim's use of poetry and other techniques have greatly enhanced her Suzuki program. Her program emphasizes creating the best quality music, not just advancing through each song. We are delighted with our son's accomplishments while studying under Dr. Kim."

~Paul and Kathryn Berryhill in Guilford, IN~

“My 6 year old daughter started Suzuki violin lessons with Dr. Kim a little over 1 year ago. We really appreciate this experience. There is absolutely no doubt when it comes to Dr.Kim's professionalism in teaching violin playing. And more importantly, she has the patience and knows how to talk to little kids like my daughter. We are very glad that we found Dr. Kim as my daughter's violin teacher.”

~Qin Li in Mason, OH~

"I am a musician and a mom of 7 year old girl.  My daughter has been taking lessons from some other teacher in Fullerton since 5, I was not fully satisfied with the teacher. Since I am a musician, I really know what's important in learning music. So I searched for a new teacher last summer and found Dr. Kim. 

We have been taking lessons about more than 7 months with her and I really really like her! She can explain one thing in may ways with patience! She doesn't say "that's wrong" but makes my daughter notice why that is not right. Her ways of expressing music and emotion is awesome! 

I just love her! She just knows how to teach a young kid and let her do right ways!!! I love her a lot as a teacher and person and will say "she is the one I was looking for!!" Driving 30-40 minutes to Irvine is worth it!"

~Hee Jin Park in Fullerton, CA~

"My 8 year old son took lessons from Dr. Kim in the Washington, D.C. area.  She was experienced, professional, an excellent teacher and an excellent violinist.  I highly recommend her as a violin teacher for both advanced and beginning level students.  She expects a lot from her students and she gives them the tools to meet her expectations.  My son had a great experience with her."

~Craig Flamm in Potomac, MD~

"Dr. JinHee Kate Kim is the best violin teacher I've ever known. She makes violin fun for my daughters. She is very creative and patient. It's amazing that such an excellent violinist from the New England Conservatory and Doctorate from Boston University is also a great teacher! I m so privileged to have her teach my daughters!"

~Chang Kim in Irvine, CA~

"My 7 year old son has been taking Dr. Kim's violin lessons since last November, 2016. Dr. Kim always tries different approaches to get the kids involved, so my son never had a chance to get bored. I am very happy to see him making progress after each lesson. Dr. Kim is a passionate teacher and educator. She enjoys adapting her teaching strategies to student need. Highly recommend!"

~Jia Yang in Irvine, CA~

"I took violin lessons all through junior high, high school, and college from a variety of teachers, and even though they were professional violinists, we didn't really work on the basic fundamentals of violin playing. I could play fun music, but my technique was poor and I frequently felt frustrated with myself and my inability to really play the violin. 

This past summer I decided that I wanted to start lessons again, but I didn't just want to take lessons again for the sake of playing music. I wanted to take lessons to actually learn how to play the violin correctly. I knew this would mean slowing way down and having the mindset of starting over. I am so grateful I found Dr. Kim. She has been eternally patient and understanding and has made the experience of learning to play the violin intellectually stimulating and exciting. I am in awe each week at how the mind and body have to work together to find the logic of creating beautiful tone. She has a wonderful way of finding metaphors that help translate what the fingers and arms and hands should be doing into images that I can visualize to help me find the right way to produce good tone. 

Dr. Kim is an excellent violinist and an excellent teacher. I obviously wish so much that she had been my teacher many years ago when I started out, but I'm also extremely grateful and excited to be learning to play now. I feel excited about music and about exploring the logic of the violin with Dr. Kim."

​~Laura Hatch in Irvine, CA~

"I met Dr. Kim in D. C. in the summer of 2015. I accompanied her studio recitals. 
I say she is a passionate teacher. She is patient and never gives up to bring music out of her students. She does it in a way students can understand - chooses specific words that can click to students! 

I miss working with her since she left for California. And whoever studies with her is lucky to find her!"

~Kay Shin in Rockville, MD~

I also have some reviews from parents/students in California and Washington D.C. at Google and Yelp.com. Please click the Yelp icon to be directed to the review page!

"My 2 daughters aged 5 and 9 love having Dr.Kim as their teacher. She teaches music as part of your life, not just making sound from an instrument- a valuable lesson you can not get from just any teacher. They are learning about music and how to hear it and feel it. What a gem she is- make sure your violin teacher teaches like this- or you are not really getting your money's worth in lessons!"

~Sarah Kim in Irvine CA~

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"Dr. Kim is an amazing violin teacher with so much patience and passion. She emphasizes musical dynamics and emotion as well as different techniques. Violin was an very important part during my childhood, and I'm so lucky to meet Dr.Kim now, so that I can move my dream forward!"

~Shuyu Luo in Irvine, CA~

"I began learning the violin through school, and though I practiced a lot for years, I couldn't improve very much without lessons. Luckily, I found Dr. Kim as my first teacher a year and a half ago. My friends have complained about their teachers not being patient, failing to explain things well, giving constructive criticism, or suggesting specific exercises to practice. However, Dr. Kim excels in all these areas--I can't think of a single complaint about her. Her instruction is well rounded. I've improved my musical ear with her exercises "special listening" and "by-ear tune." I've learned a lot about sight reading, shifting, scales, bow technique...and probably more. I respect her a lot as a violinist, a teacher, and a person. My playing has drastically improved under her tutelage, and I definitely recommend her.

I was saddened to hear she was moving to California, but we've been able to continue with FaceTime lessons, which work surprisingly well!"

~Melvin Lewis in Rockville, MD~

My 8yrs old daughter has been taking lessons from Dr. Kim for about 2 years now. Dr. Kim is not only an amazing violin teacher but also she teaches the beauty of music such as expressing the emotions, feel it and embrace it. She teaches the complete package!! :) And when you hear her play the violin, it is a mind-blowing experience that takes you to an another level of appreciation of a beautiful sound of violin. That just confirms me that I found the right teacher who can take my daughter to a whole new level as a violinist and as a girl who loves and enjoys the music.

~Hiroko Holland in Irvine, CA~

"Our daughter Alina began to learn violin under Dr. Kim's instruction six months ago and we are cheerful to see Alina's big progress as a starter. Dr. Kim is a wonderful teacher. She knows each student well and teaches to each student's strength. She is strict and demanding but in encouraging and caring way. She emphasizes technique fundamentals and musicianship but 'fun' is also an important element in her lessons. My daughter loves going to classes and we truly appreciate Dr. Kim's mentoring and expertise."

~Rong Chen in Mason, OH~

Violin Lessons in Irvine

"Dr. Kim is nice and talented . She has good methods of teaching young children. My 7 year old daughter started learning violin a few months ago with Dr. Kim but she can play quite well now in such a short period of time. My daughter practices on her own without my reminding her. She enjoys and is excited to go to her violin lessons . She is inspired to make her own poems so that she can present to Dr. Kim. I am so happy to have such a wonderful violin teacher for my daughter!"

~Tram Hua in Mission Viejo, CA~

"Dr. Kim is a great Violin teacher. She has been teaching my daughter for about half a year. Dr. Kim teaches my daughter step by step - how to hold the bow, what is the correct posture of play violin... she explains really well, and she always give my daughter very good answers to my daughter's questions. She also teaches my daughter to use body to learn the rhythm- my daughter thinks it's very fun. If you want to learn violin, Dr. Kim is a nice teacher to help you learn it!"

~Anna Wang in Irvine, CA~

My son (10 yrs old) transferred to Dr Kim from another violin teacher, and has been learning from her for about an year and a half.  We are very appreciative of the impact Dr Kim has had on him as a violin student and as a young boy growing in confidence, discipline, and love for music.  Her teaching is not just about playing the violin, but what she provides as an educator is a holistic approach to becoming a musician and a better person.  Her various weekly assignments have helped my son to hone his skills in expression, rhythm, memory training, technique, listening to and gaining knowledge of fine examples of violinists.  As a parent, I really enjoy sitting through the lesson, watching Dr Kim and my son have a great relationship.  Each lesson is packed with so much learning and appropriate challenges.  She knows very well what motivates him, knows when to be firm, when to be patient, and she has a great sense of humor - a must with kids.  With everything she teaches, she makes sure that he understands why, giving him the opportunity to think for himself and have self reflection.  I feel as though she partners with me in helping to develop his character, challenging him when it's tough and celebrating together when he has achieved.  He has come a long ways under her guidance, fixing old posture habits, overcoming weaknesses, and learning more effective ways of practicing.  My son's highlights are proudly performing at her biannual recitals and passing each Suzuki song after working hard on them.  At home, when he feels sad or stressed he picks up his violin and he feels better after playing.  He loves to replay his old songs and says how beautiful they are.  Music and his violin are a huge part of his life, thanks to Dr Kim's gift of teaching!  We have full confidence that with her, our son will continue to thrive and succeed!

~Makiko Tanabe-Kuang in Irvine, CA~